Subject 01 is an A.D.E. with a number of traits similar to Subject 00 captured by naturalist Alfred Hughbert Guari in northern of Canada. Subject 01 is the second captured A.D.E. and the fourth emanation observed since the founding of the A.D.E.M.O.N. Research Initiative.

Comparison of Physical TraitsEdit

Subject 01 shares a number of physical traits with Subject 00, as enumerated below:

  1. Both subjects have wings formed from extensions of the exoskeleton, similar to many insects, but with the ends being curved back towards the body giving the wing a 'J' shape.
  2. Neither subject has observable facial features other than eyes on their heads.
  3. Both subjects have a mostly humanoid appearance, with their hands having 4 digits and their feet being hard, flat stumps.
  4. Both subjects have pale grey exoskeletons covering a majority of their bodies, however there are regions which are instead covered in a white fleshy membrane.
  5. Both subjects have a small silver plate embedded into the surface of their stomachs, just below where the sternum is located on a human. They do not appear to be part of the creature's normal structure, and further research regarding their function is ongoing.

Comparison of BehaviorEdit

  1. Neither subject has required food, or drink since capture.
  2. Both subjects were observed to show no signs of fear during capture and have not attempted to escape confinement.

Additional NotesEdit

  • Alfred Guari has said that when he first encountered the A.D.E. he saw it emerge from a ring-shaped gateway, beyond which was another creature of very different appearance. As he has taken a particular interest in studying the phenomenon, he has asked that if anyone else should observe a similar phenomenon, that they write to him with any details they can provide.
  • A follow-up report will be written in the future once more observations are made regarding the subject

-This report was written and compiled by Oscar Hedgeman

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